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As explained in the company objectives, Government and Non Government institutions take a big chunk of our potential target market because they are readily available and are anxious for our products and services.

Our Clients will buy our products/services because:

  • They receive high quality products on the most favourable conditions and in the right time as needed.
  • Payment of the products and services are expected in the most favourable time possible for our clients to enable them get ample time to plan for the already attained equipment as they are enjoying the services.
  • In the meantime, maintenance, insurance and software support services plus some partial training are partially freely provided by 3 Com Ltd Company, which adds the confidence of the Clients in dealing with the company.
  • Currently, all 3 Com Ltd company customers live in Africa,  but will eventually move into the Global market.

Our Competitors

3 Com products and services currently have less or no competition because the ideas we are implementing are unique, or have never been done by any other company anywhere in Africa. The competition might be met along the way as other companies try to copy the 3 Com’s ideas. The only existing competition so far is with the service delivery to SMEs and organization (mostly nonprofit).

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