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A number of students today leave secondary school without any computer skills attained despite school’s efforts in teaching computer lessons. The teaching of these lessons in the schools may prove to be a waste of time since the students have to do it all over again at a later time in their career. In the job market nowadays, it is considered a prerequisite to have computer skills due to the high computerization of business processes as this increases efficiency and business productivity, probably the main reason why The Government of Uganda is emphasizing compulsory computer training for all schools. People who do not acquire these skills earlier therefore have to complete a basic computing course before they are given a job. Despite schools’ efforts in teaching Computer studies, the teaching is highly deemed theoretical with most of the teaching done in classrooms. The main reason as to why this is the case is because these schools lack computer laboratories, and even if they have them, they are not up to the standards required for proper practical computer training lessons.

If asked whether this project needs to be implemented or not, a majority of schools administrator will say yes. This is due the vulnerability their schools might be exposed to since teaching computer lessons are now a prerequisite for all schools. If not implemented, schools will risk losing students to some other schools with the capability to teach these lessons or even risk being stripped of their school license by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

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